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Anyone who purchases a new or used car has every intention of getting the most out of their vehicle. Among other things, this means keeping it in drivable condition for as long as possible, or at least until they can upgrade to a car that has better features and capabilities.

Yet many car owners simply don’t take the measures necessary to maximize the lifespan of their vehicle, and, as a result, they encounter serious mechanical problems that could have been avoided with a little preventative maintenance.

Car maintenance and servicing checklists

Vehicle technology continues to improve all the time, and car engines of today are much more advanced than what your parents grew up with.

Even though modern car engines are a bit more complex now, car services in Dubai give you the list of simple things you can do to keep your car running right are largely the same as they were half a century ago.

Car Servicing

Basic car safety checklist

 Seatbelts – check tension and belt buckle operation
 External Lights – replace bulbs if necessary
 Handbrake – ensure that it can hold the vehicle on a slope
 Windscreens & mirrors – check windscreens and mirrors for cracks
 Windscreen wipers – check wear on wiper blades, replace if necessary
 Horn – ensure this works
 Fluids – check engine oil and engine coolant levels
 Tyres – ensure tyres are at the correct pressures, check treadwear
 Spare tyre & jack – ensure they are operational, check toolkit

Fluids checklist

 Engine oil
 Radiator coolant
 Brake fluid
 Power steering fluid
 Windscreen washer fluid
 Clutch fluid (manual cars)
 Gearbox oil
 Differential fluid

Tyres checklist

 Tyre pressures
 Treadwear and tread depth
 Spare tyre
 Car jack and tools


Lights checklist

 Indicators/hazard lights
 Brake lights
 Reverse lights
 Park & Fog lights

Other general things to check

 Radiator hoses – check for leaks and cracking
 Engine air filter – check that it is clean
 Battery – look for corrosion around terminals
 Fan belts – ensure none are loose or squeaking on start-up
 Unusual engine noises – hard to start, ticking, hissing or clunking

Common mistakes that can cause damage to your vehicle

If you look under your bonnet regularly, listen for unusual car noises, check underneath the car for new and mysterious leaks now and then, follow the service schedule in your owner’s manual and take care of small problems before they become major ones, you’ll be well ahead of the game as far as keeping your car running smoothly.

And remember that even a perfectly maintained vehicle can get into an accident, so make sure you ‘maintain’ your car insurance as well.