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Fire Tyre - 800 Battery Dubai in UAEHaving a flat battery is the most common cause of breakdowns. When stopping and starting on journeys your battery begins to wear down and does not recharge properly. There are a couple of tips to ensuring your battery lasts as long as possible but 800 battery Dubai can help, the professionals at car can ensure your battery is replaced and repaired in a flash with no delays or complications.

When a flat battery is reported, we guarantee that are team will efficiently carry out a detailed test and source the problem at first instance.

The main things that cause a flat battery:

When a vehicle is not used this can shorten the batteries life a sufficient amount, due to the fact it reduces the batteries ability to gain and hold charge.  

For those that use their car regularly for only small journeys its worth investing in a battery conditioner, which you can connect for periods of time when your not using the vehicle. 

Batteries are made up of two separate volt batteries, these are named cells. These cells cannot be replaced individually. The whole battery will have to be replaced to rectify this issue.

Fire Tyre - 800 Battery Dubai Below are some tips for when your vehicle breakdowns:

There are a couple of safety rules to consider when jumpstarting your car. Unless you have done it before and you know exactly what you need to do, it’s probably not a great idea to jump under the bonnet. This can be extremely dangerous. It is always recommended to call for professional help.

If you feel the issue is minor check your vehicle hand book to gather some tips and advice. This may help you solve the problem yourself, without waiting on assistance to arrive at your destination