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Going out on the road is always some kind of a risk. It only gets higher during twilight and especially at night. Physiological conditions of our bodies add up to the general dangers on the road. Closer to the night inhibitory processes activate, you get tired from daily activities, alertness and reaction speed slows down.

Therefore, on the night road the driver should pay maximum attention and be extra careful. It's understandable that you should go on the road well rested. No lack of will, forget about sleep!

Basically, the only advantage of driving at night is that there's only a few cars, roads are not busy and less traffic conflicts. But this should not put your guard down. Besides, statistics say that half of the car accidents happen at night. Maybe the empty highway pushes the driver to speed up? Let's clear this up - we are not a part of a race! So if you want to hire a car in Dubai – call Payless Car Rental!

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Night time driving takes special and accurate preparation. It is absolutely necessary to check the lights, turn signals and clean all the windows. Dirty windshield will make already hard night vision even worse. Also, the light of oncoming traffic distracts.

Before the ride, it's important to check all the lights of a vehicle, cleans the windows, checks how the brights work. The dirty windshield is a highly hazardous because at the same time it obstructs the driver's view and scatters the light, coming from oncoming traffic.

Chose the correct brightness of the panel lights. The Too dim light will make it hard to see the information on it, and too bright - will be an extra source of irritation for eyes. The switch for inside mirror is to be turned on to night driving.

Night Road Driving

Get ready, check...You can go.

Night road. Turn on low beam as soon it's starting to get dark. You should be visible for the rest of the drivers. Driving with low beams off is dangerous for you and for them.

While stopping low beams should stay on, especially if that part of the road isn't lit or lit poorly. You should move off the road completely or drive onto the outer lane as far as you can, and don't forget to turn on a hazard warning light if necessary.

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What is the most dangerous thing on the night road? The common opinion is insufficient to view. Indeed very often you have to intuitively read the road because all the view you have is 20 meters of the road that's lit with your lights. Therefore, the faster the speed the less time you have to read the road.

A very common danger is being blinded by oncoming traffic. If a passing by a car left its brights on, he shows his lack of politeness and disrespect to others. There appears the danger of momentary blindness. Unfortunately, there is no treatment, we can only advise looking slightly to the side, switching your focus to the curb.

If you have noticed the oncoming car with the brights still on from further away, while getting closer you can do the following: switch to low beams within 200 meters from the oncoming car, carefully keep the distance to the oncoming car pay careful attention to the defects on the road.

Remind such driver about road etiquette by signaling him with short flashes of brights. If the danger can't be avoided, stay closer to the right side of the road and keep sufficient, for possible maneuver, side distance to the oncoming traffic.