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The amount of money you pay for car rent will largely depend on the type of car. Generally, renting a luxury car is far more expensive than renting other cars. So if you are looking to rent an exotic car in Dubai, you have to be prepared for the cost. But if you are renting cars like Nisan Sentra or other types of normal cars, you can see very affordable options. Driving a luxury car is always fun. The cozy feeling and the smooth ride it gives you is enough to shell out a few more dollars for rent. If you’re looking to know Dubai exotic car rental prices, you are certainly at the right place. Below are some exotic cars you can see in Dubai and how much it will cost you to rent them.

Dubai Exotic car rental prices


Yes everyone loves Ferrari! The uniquely designed exotic car has all it takes to give you that perfect driving experience. You can cruise around Dubai to give yourself that special driving treatment you always want to have. Below is the cost of renting different models of Ferrari.

Dubai Exotic Car

Rolls Royce

We all know Rolls Royce is up there as one of the most exotic cars the world has ever seen. It’s rent comes with a high price tag, but there are different rent packages according to the model of the car and year of manufacture. Generally, newer models are more expensive to rent compared to older models. Below is an update on Rolls Royce car rent cost in Dubai.

For these cars, there is an option of a chauffeur, although this may come as an extra cost. But if you want to enjoy your trip and get all the special treatment you deserve, having a chauffeur will be a great idea.


Here is another luxury car for stylish individuals. It’s also available in different car rent companies, and of course, at different rent costs. If you want to the stylish design and luxury look of this car brand, here is the cost of renting them in Dubai.

Masterkey Rent a Car

There are other luxury cars apart from the ones mentioned above. A Bentley GT 2016 model can be rented for about 3,000 AED while Porsche Cayenne 2016 model goes for 1,800 EAD.

Final Words

The rent cost of each of these super cars differs according to the rent company and the particular model. If you are looking to rent a luxury car to give yourself a swell treat, you are surely going to get loads of options.

Choose a car rent company that has a wide array of exotic cars for rent. This will give you loads of options to select the right model for your driving experience.

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