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As a rule, on any off-road route there are different types of coverage. Remember that regardless of what you have under the wheels, the most important thing is not to lower your head! Look ahead for at least 15-20 meters. You need to constantly assess the situation ahead and build the optimal trajectory. It is impossible to do this, while looking under the front wheel.

Even if you perfectly know how to ride off-road, some coatings will still harass you. It is necessary to keep it in mind.

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Types of Coverage

Let’s review different types of coverage and the methods for their successful overcoming.


As a rule, the greatest number of off-road miles on any route falls on gravel roads. While riding on gravel, try to keep the motorcycle upright. If you move out on the gravel in a slope, the front wheel can slip off.

Choose the road sections with the least number of stones, especially if they have sharp edges. Always remember about the main thing – look ahead – then you will be able to see trouble before you approach them and build a safe path. Look only there, where you want to go. If necessary, stand up in the rack. If on the road there is a trail from the car, better to drive on it, because the gravel is denser there.


Riding on sand is quite a scary lesson, and all because of almost complete absence of adhesion of the front wheel. Sometimes it seems that it lives its own life, not paying attention to your actions. In addition, driving on sand is very exhausting, especially if you go wrong. Very quickly the sand will suck all the energy from you, and as a result you will begin to make mistakes in the management of the motorcycle.

The most important thing is to remember that speed is your only friend. Make the bike move forward and you will gain control over it and save your strength.


Riding on the rocks very difficult, it requires caution, especially if the stones are large and unstable. Perhaps the best your assistant would be fear. Even experienced drivers approaching the stones, are dropping the speed and overcome them, helping themselves with their feet.

Choose more direct way, attempts to detour only stronger tire you. In addition, straight-line riding will add stability to the bike. Remember that it is not always necessary to go around large rocks. Sometimes it is useful to go through them and not around them.