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Any person who has ever sat for the rudder of a car, already cannot imagine his life without it, and even a small short-term break may be seen as a tragedy, because he does not want to travel on public transport, he does not want to feel on himself all delights of such trips. That is why real drivers always and everywhere drive their cars, or if they planned some trip to another distant city or country, they try to rent a car. Cars can be rented for various reasons. Someone does not want to be dependent on the tourist bus or suggested route during the journey, someone just wants to ride behind the wheel of the car, there is no possibility to buy it, and someone has to rent a car, because his horse “fell ill” and it is in repairing. In any case, car rental in St Petersburg and any other city in the country is not a novelty any more, but demanded service.

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Where there is demand, there is supply, because there are many companies that are ready to provide you a car for temporary use. In any city there are a few different companies with their pricing, with own fleet of vehicles, so the choice is always big. For example, a well-established company Storlet Car Rental, which has a lot of interesting offers and promotions, and rental prices that can please, so if you dreamed to ride the X5, why not. If not X5, but a purebred English aristocrat in the face of a Jaguar, yes, please. Do you want something more budget – no question. In short, you can choose a car for every budget.

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If you decided to rent a car, you need to know some nuances.

This is the necessary minimum of information that is useful during making a decision but it is already enough to enjoy the trip the feeling of freedom and comfort.