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If you are one of those who are fed up of the concrete jungle in Dubai and want a respite from the tiresome and boring life of nine to five, just pack your bags and head towards the golden sands for the times of your life.

The desert of Dubai has stored a number of wonderful things for you like quad bike tour and racing. Enjoy the high octane off-road quad bike tour and experience the adrenaline rush on powerful and latest model bikes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy them to have a quality time. You can avail quad bike rental Dubai services anytime for an unforgettable group or couple tour with your loved ones.

Misconceptions about quad biking

Quad Bike rental DubaiThere are a lot of misconceptions spread all around the world regarding quad bike tours and whether it is safe or not. We have compiled answers to some of these questions that will surely address a lot of confusions about this hi-fi and exhilarating sport.

It’s not for families/groups and adults

That’s a myth that has no relation to with reality. Quad biking is a perfect outdoor extravaganza for families, children, adults and old age people. If you are a group or family, you can have a fantastic and fun group activity. Children and old-age people are also on the safe side as the companies providing these bikes on rent have guides who teach you how to ride these powerful machines safely.

Quad biking is dangerous

It’s not like that. It is very safe if you are mindful of the track and have taken all the necessary precautions. You need to handle the bikes with attention and care. Also, if you are new to quad biking and experiencing it for the first time, ask the bike company for the services of instructors who are professional and know each aspect very well.

Instructors aren’t well trained

EndurobikesGo for a reliable quad bike rental company that is famous for its services all over the UAE. These top companies have instructors that are well versed with all conditions and different tracks. They provide the necessary training and thoroughly brief you about safety maintenance. Instructors can also accompany you in your ride and guide you about the trail. They also provide all the safety gears like helmets, gloves, shoes and goggles.

You need to have a driving license for riding quad bikes

All these quad bike tours and races are held in the countryside, where the driving license isn’t required. A majority of foreigners turn to quad biking every day and ride it for fun and enjoyment. They don’t have a UAE driving license. Children under 18 are also riding quad bikes quite easily.
A license is needed in case you are riding it on a road or in the city.

Experience is required to ride a quad bike

Another misconception that needs to be clarified. Beginners and children are always welcome to ride these powerful machines any day of the year and there isn’t any experience required for it. The instructors guide you completely on what it’s going to be and how you should ride. First timers and children are also given some time to practice on these bikes before allowing them on the original trail.

Source: endurobikes.ae