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Companies that are operating in the domain of heavy lifting are governed by stringent health and safety protocols. One of these protocols requires periodical inspection of their equipment including cranes. In fact in UAE, the authorities are quite strict and dictate crane inspections practice on a bi-annual and annual basis.

This is the reason every crane supplier in UAE has hired professional inspectors/team for mechanical and weld inspections. These experts/team help the heavy lifting companies in the smooth running of their businesses. They also enable companies to meet industry regulations.

Here are the reasons why your company must hire a professional crane inspector/team.

Helps in the industry regulation compliance

Crane inspectorsAs mentioned above it is compulsory for heavy lifting companies to follow industry regulations which ensure safety and health of the people involved in the operations. A certified professional’s inspection of the cranes gives you a peace of mind that your equipment is safe, up to the standards and follows industry compliance codes.

Complete service

An efficient inspection team will comprise of a qualified engineer, an inspector, a welding expert and a crane mechanic. This team of competent individuals does inspections that are of the highest quality and standard. If there is a mechanical, welding or any other issue found in the crane, it is handled by the qualified experts in a specified field.

Great knowledge about the crane and its functioning

The last point emphasized the fact that crane inspection professionals are expert in their respective fields. It means that these professionals are well versed with all the sizes of the cranes, their types and any issue that can be potentially hazardous.

The knowledge and expertise of the professionals enable them to find any issue and resolve it according to the industry standards.

Efficient inspection team

Proactive approach

These experts are proactive. They ensure complete maintenance of the equipment before a complete failure and any unwanted incident. This means they are taking care of your business and that it runs without any stoppage. A professional crane operator assists you in developing an effective plan that ensures the safety of your equipment and also lowers the time and budget needed for repairs and maintenance.


A certified crane inspection individual/team will discover any cracks or breakages in the equipment, equipment that needs to be checked, crane parts that require replacement or any other deficiencies. Continuous inspections will keep your business up and running and in case any problem arises, it is taken care of by the team of experts.

Continue to make high profits and don’t forget to hire a qualified crane inspection expert/team.