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As for many people they prefer motorcycle than acar, especially the Americans, because they are very fond of riding on the bikes, even they design the bikes themselves in a unique way for them motorcycle is a sign of liberty, fun and excitement. This vehicle comes with many great advantages like you can easily get crossed the streets even the traffic is blocked and it does not consume as much fuel as your car does, so this can save a lot of money of yours. Besides, the long rides on car leave a huge impack on your pocket and not cost effective as the fuel consumption is high and your car can get damaged during the escapade. So the motorcycle offers a thrilling quest with lot of ease.

The motorcycles not only comes with just this advantage, you can also have an unlimited off road fun in the desert using the KTM bikes. Making the air of Dubai more adventurous and full of thrill, we are determined to make this motorbike sport to fulfill your desire if escapade. Offering Motorcycles on rent in Dubai for off-road quest in the dunes if Arabia. For the professional riders, it will be a lot easier to get on the Desert Safari Tour, besides there would be many among you who cannot ride on the off roads or have never driven these dirt bikes, we will consider such people as the beginners. For the beginners, we offer the coaching lessons which all of you can avail. There are different types of KTM tours which we are offering which are as follows,

These are some of the tour packages which you can avail at the discounted rates for yourself and for your friends. Each package offers the variable and tailored made style of coaching which solely depends on your experience and expertise. If you want to enjoy the whole new level of venture and fun then all you need to do is to contact us and get your tour package.

The very first tour package is for the beginners for whom it is the first experience to ride on the KTM dirt bikes in the desert. This tour package is just for the 2 hours in the sand because beginners cannot withstand more than that, and if it goes longer than it will not be enjoyable for them, rather this journey becomes very tiring. In this trip, it will also teach you that how to handle the dirt bike and how to make sharp turns on the sand, as the sand is really slippery for the tires.

The another tour package is for the bit advanced riders who knows all the techniques of the driving a KTM dirt bike in the sand but they are not perfect or experienced in this. In this package, time exceeds to the 4 to 5 hours, and this time the rider has to drive the bike alone and the trainers will follow them on the other bike. After this comes to the 2 days tour, now this is the real fun where you have to follow a convoy and ride the bike with some breaks for two whole days, and here you will see many beautiful sightings. So just grab your phone and get the tour of your choice.